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We are a House of Prayer and Decrees

The healing waters of the river are

always flowing...



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NOV. 4, 2018


Creating a CRITICAL MASS!!


The water in these overdue prophesies has got to BREAK any second, any day!! We're in a time of prophetic releasing, decreeing what the King has decreed! Every believer should be looking at their watch liked it's their first child. You ought to be getting everything ready for when that baby comes. You're supposed to think about it and be getting ready for it. How long can these full on-time, overdue prophesies hold the water?


"SUDDENLY there was a sound from heaven!!"....but they were waiting for it. God is wanting to get His people in one place and in one accord all over the earth.
You can't do anything until the Spirit of God comes upon you. THIS is about God breaking the water in these end time prophesies all over the earth! Because of the VICTORY the Lord made an open show of the enemy! HE'S COMING!!!

Creating a special CRITICAL MASS that can't be stopped! ....And when the water broke, in one day Jerusalem was blown away and turned upside down by the POWER of God!


The Spirit of the Lord spoke and began to decree through Pastor Jerry, "I Am releasing My wind from heaven, and it shall blow upon the earth. And the prophetic waters", says the Lord, "will start NOW, breaking here and over there, and over there, and over there! And I'm going to breathe upon this land, and it will feel like the winds of revival. And it will BE, but it's My breath and My Spirit that's raising you up IN Me. For now in this hour IN Me you shall live and move and have your being. Not one jot or tittle", says the Lord, "shall go undone until I perform My word. And My ways are past finding out. How unsearchable are your riches! And this wind and revival is going to stir up results that you cannot explain. But only you will say "This is the Lord!!"

NOV. 11, 2018

The BREAKER showed up again today!!!


Working of MIRACLES!

He's got the miracles, but we've got to work them!

1 Cor. 12: 4-11

Working of Miracles .jpg

In these winds of God....there is change!

There's a Breaker Anointing!

If you need healing...come right now.
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Wednesday Night  - Secret Place Service
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