June 17, 2020

The Lord said, "There is now a transcending, lifting, ascending, drawing of the Spirit of God, lifting us into spiritual dimensions, places in Him - advantage points."

Paul said it so clearly in Ephesians 2. You have been saved and raised, seated with Christ in heavenly spiritual places.

He's still drawing in, but now He's drawing up - a transcending, ascending, lifting anointing.

We are made for spiritual dimensions.


May 6, 2020

The Lord says, "Holy Spirit Revival Miracle Healing Breakthrough Time!!"

APRIL 29, 2020

The Lord spoke, "I am releasing miracles from the Secret Place."


MARCH 1, 2020

God says " All those prophetic promises that you've looked for are coming like torpedoes and like arrows. I am not only reviving and restoring, but I am releasing my prophetic future into your prophetic NOW!"


DECEMBER 4, 2019

20 yrs ago the Lord spoke, "I'm raising this church up spiritually to be a gift to the city, a place of My presence where My Glory dwells."

Lord, now You are performing it. You are making it a portal to give many an entrance, an access into that realm of the Spirit. And Lord, we touch that word You gave years ago and come into harmony with it.

God's lifting us out of those old cycles, because they have fulfilled their purpose...Be excited, any day, any moment, any time to do what you've never done before, to receive an unction that You've never had before.

Lord, start the drawing. There's so many that need that entrance, that access into that portal, into spiritual realms of revelation. Experiences like that make God so real to you. Thank You Lord, that You have been watching over Your word, and we have held those words, but now You are ready to release those words and perform them, to unwrap those gifts....a gift to the city, which is "a place of My presence". And He is turning up the power of hope and healing in this house. And this atmosphere is being stocked and supplied with miracles and manifestations, and the sweetness of the anointing, and the sweetness of praise.



SEPTEMBER 29, 2019


God said, "I am raising up Apostolic Centers all over the world but especially in this nation. I'm changing the wineskin in this house to be an Apostolic prototype and an Apostolic Center, and you are in the New Now-NOW!"




God released 3 Words a couple months ago on a Wednesday night that have stuck and that He wants us to activate and release.

1. I am releasing that end time heaven on earth heart-loving worship, a new worship that is in heaven on earth. He's releasing the Anointing for it.

2. I'm Anointing your head with oil. It will effect your mind. This Anointing will lift your life.

3. And it's time for My people for their cup to run over spiritually. It's overflowing time. The river's got to flow before it can overflow. It's time for increase. It's Kingdom increase time! 

It's time not only to hear it but for it to be imparted to you. God gave these words to this Prophetic church, but this church is a high power transmitter. It's not just going to this house, but it's going OUT!!!



AUGUST 4, 2019

The Holy Spirit of God is speaking to those in the Church that have an ear to hear what He's saying, not only to you, but to the churches.  And the Spirit of God says, "This truly IS a defining  season, a defining time, a defining moment in this house." For the Lord says, "You have heard My heart, and You've built a house for Me, a house that I can rest in and abide in.  You," says the Lord, "have created a house for the Holy Spirit." And the Lord says, "Now in this Kingdom time, I am pulling down and removing in places. I am pulling down and removing the old structures and changing the wineskin into the new to carry this last hour mighty anointing."



JULY 31, 2019

Push Open!

The Lord has been showing me for sometime, many gates and hinderances or obstacles looked locked, but they're really not.  Push on gates! Push 'em!  Many are going to open right now, and the others have to.  Then take the keys of the Kingdom and open the gate!  Make a way of the Lord! And then we speak and prophesy, " Go through! Go through!  Go through! 

And the last 5 or 6 or 7 years we've had a prophetic revelation and manifestation of the Breaker Anointing, "But the fullness, the fullness of that Breaker Anointing", says the Spirit of God, "is here and activated NOW! And the gates of hell cannot prevail!"

Fill!  Fill houses, places, people.  Fill with Your Glory, fill with Your goodness, fill the atmosphere with revelation glistening like the stars at night.

JUNE 26, 2019

These are the days of Elijah!

And I will send Elijah, the Spirit, before the great and notable day of the Lord. These are the days of Elijah!

God says, "I am unveiling and releasing My Elijah prophets that I have held by the brook and even in the widow's houses and the secret places. I am bringing forth My Elijah prophets, and they have healing in their hands. They will turn the children to the fathers, and the fathers to the children. They will stand before multitudes of the enemy and one of these", says the Lord, "can defeat a whole aray of Satan's opposition. "

The Lord says, "He is also the God of the double portion, and the spirit that was upon Elijah, Elisha received. He received because he waited and longed and was hungry for that anointing.  And he got the double portion that he asked, and he did twice the miracles of even Elijah. These are those days! Prophets, miracle working prophets...we haven't seen this much. Prophets prophesy, prophets decree, but we are about to see the miracle working prophet with the Elijah-Elisha anointing!" says the Lord, "turning the hearts of the fathers to the children."


Jesus had said, "And when Elijah comes, the spirit of Elijah, he will restore all things!" This is powerful. This end time anointing is the restoration, the releasing of that which has been held in unbelief. Faith has been in captivity of tradition, but the heavens are opening and the hearts of My people" says the Lord, "with the open heaven, with open hearts are flowing, flowing."


NOV 4, 2018

Creating a CRITICAL MASS!!


The water in these overdue prophesies has got to BREAK any second, any day!! We're in a time of prophetic releasing, decreeing what the King has decreed! Every believer should be looking at their watch liked it's their first child. You ought to be getting everything ready for when that baby comes. You're supposed to think about it and be getting ready for it. How long can these full on-time, overdue prophesies hold the water?


"SUDDENLY there was a sound from heaven!!"....but they were waiting for it. God is wanting to get His people in one place and in one accord all over the earth.
You can't do anything until the Spirit of God comes upon you. THIS is about God breaking the water in these end time prophesies all over the earth! Because of the VICTORY the Lord made an open show of the enemy! HE'S COMING!!!

Creating a special CRITICAL MASS that can't be stopped! ....And when the water broke, in one day Jerusalem was blown away and turned upside down by the POWER of God!


The Spirit of the Lord spoke and began to decree through Pastor Jerry, "I Am releasing My wind from heaven, and it shall blow upon the earth. And the prophetic waters", says the Lord, "will start NOW, breaking here and over there, and over there, and over there! And I'm going to breathe upon this land, and it will feel like the winds of revival. And it will BE, but it's My breath and My Spirit that's raising you up IN Me. For now in this hour IN Me you shall live and move and have your being. Not one jot or tittle", says the Lord, "shall go undone until I perform My word. And My ways are past finding out. How unsearchable are your riches! And this wind and revival is going to stir up results that you cannot explain. But only you will say "This is the Lord!!"



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